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Got the hots for something long...but it's like a freakin sauna out? I feel you. In fact, I feel you so much because that's my life #hood. When it's time to dress for this weather, it can get confusing. You go from a relatively nice climate in your house, to a goddamn BBQ in your car, to an igloo in your car at the end of your commute, to ballsweat outside again until you comfortably install your butt in your office chair only to turn into Olaf from Frozen 2 seconds later for the rest of the day. Sounds familiar?
So... you can't go in a swimsuit and you can't go naked (trust me, I've asked). You need something that can be rolled up for outside and rolled down for indoors. Keep it loose so nothing sticks to your sweat. No one will even know you're sweating! Except if you have a Ron Burgundy of a sweat mustache. Then I can't help you. Antonacci...OUT!

blouse: Madewell (old) - find similar here
pants: c/o Ardene
shoes: Aldo
denim shirt: Topshop (old) - find similar here

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all in the details


The first thing anyone notices in a bedroom is the bed.
For the past few years, people have been opting for upholstered headboards rather than the ones that match the remaining of their furniture. Totally understandable. It makes any bed look comfy and polished. It's much more comfortable to lean on when watching TV or reading. And it's just an overall prettier focal point.
When my husband and I got married 7 years ago, this trend had not hit yet. Therefore matching bedroom sets were still the way to go. We went with a 4 piece medium brown wood set. Bed, two night tables, and a dresser. Luckily the set itself is very nice and wood never goes out of style however the headboard has been bothering me. It just felt unfinished.
My problem is that I didn't want to remove and trash our current headboard because it is still a nice set, plus if ever we want to sell it, it would be nice that we have all the pieces. We also had no room to store it. So basically removing it was out of the question. So the only thing that came to mind was, "What if we made some sort of a box headboard that will go over our current one? a sock on a foot." Great idea right? Wrong! I searched high and low for someone who can do that for me but everyone thought I was weird. I thought it was a brilliant idea but whatever! I even considered making it myself but 1. Ain't nobody got the time for that. And 2. I wouldn't even know where to begin. I gave up :(
One day, someone posted this gorgeous photo of her work, tufted headboard, chairs, etc. on Facebook. I immediately contacted her to find out if hopefully she can bring my idea to life. And finally...MY DREAM IS POSSIBLE! It took a girl to make it happen..go figure :)
She came over, measured my bed, I chose my swatch, showed her a photo of a headboard I had in mind, took her suggestions and a matter of 8 weeks, I finally got what I wanted. She made a box with wings, tufted headboard in a gorgeous linen fabric, that fit right over the original headboard without damaging it. I couldn't be happier with the results! Working with Gina from OMG-Headboards was a joy. My husband and I are already thinking about working with her for an end-of-bed seating. 


must have - fringe heels


must have - fringe heels

Shop the trend here (from top left clockwise):
Steve Madden


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