Mango S/S '15


Here's a preview of Mango's S/S '15 collection and the minimalist look is not going anywhere. Add a few 70's vibe pieces and it's instant love for me. I would wear all of these looks in a heartbeat.

photos c/o Mango

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winter shminter


So winter is officially here. Well not officially as the first day of winter is December 21st but the snow and cold are here so might as well be.
Anyway, just because the weather says not to, doesn't mean you should put away your summer clothing just yet. I know some people do this but I am not the type of person who stores away their lighter weight clothes in the winter and vice versa. Everything is out in the open all year round. Therefore I can permit myself to play around in my closet a little bit. For example, this gorgeous floral tank in silky soft fabric. Obviously I would never wear this out in this weather unless I were headed for the cuckoo's nest but that's where turtleneck's come in.

turtleneck: c/o Ardene
tank top: c/o Ardene
pants: H&M
boots: Aldo (old) - find similar here

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the girl in the plaid sweater


Sweater and leggings is my uniform of choice on cold overcast days. It would be my pj's but it's sort of frowned upon at work. Dang it!

sweater: c/o Ardene
leggings: American Apparel
boots: Dolce Vita (old) - find similar here


party outfit - 1st edition


So the Holidays are approaching and aside from family, food, presents, and more food...comes parties. New Years parties, office parties, Christmas parties, what have you! So here is one outfit that I've created to help get your mind off of thinking what to wear. I would wear this to a New Years Eve party. I'm wearing this stunning crop top with a high waist skirt but feel free to pair it with high waist dress pants as well. Add a chic blazer if you can't dare to go too bare.

top: c/o Milanoo
skirt: Club Monaco (old) - find similar here
shoes: Lulu's

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