grey's anatomy


Hey hey hey! Guess what I did today? I pulled the ol’ monochromatic card. And it feels sooo good. I almost feel like Angelina Jolie (Brad, where are you?!). Today I’m all about that grey. It’s the next best thing since black, and it comes in a variety of tones, which you can adapt to your skin tone. This one in particular is pearly grey, which goes nicely with dark hair. If you’re fairer, then even lighter grey works, or charcoal is the way to go. Also, this look is extremely cozy. We’re talking cashmere feeling, school skipping softness. My long cardi was begging for leggings, and these ones are cable knit. It’s super important to mix textures when you’re pulling monochrome, because otherwise you might end up looking like a curtain. And, well, Brad Pitt doesn’t like curtains. He told me that one time, when we went on all those dates. K, that last part was a lie, but you get what I’m saying! Mix those textures!

cardigan: c/o Oasap
top: Uniqlo
leggings: Ardene (old) - find similar here
shoes: Aldo (old) - find similar here

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Hi I'm Lena and this is Jackass!


The second I walked out of the bedroom this morning, he noticed. “Are you…are you dressed like Johnny Knoxville?” My husband’s a smart one.
My cover was blown. I secretly wanted to look like the Jackass crew today. Success, I guess? Oh yeah. Don’t tell me you don’t love the converse sneakers and cropped dress pants. I mean, it’s totally 90s and that’s what’s up right now. And my denim jacket? I’ve buttoned it up all the way and made it a shirt. It’s awesome because a) it keeps me warm and b) no flashing today and c) why not. Despite the slightly masculine look this outfit has, it’s surprisingly feminine at the same time. I’d totally wear this to dinner, or whilst trashing my parents’ house (no wait, that’s not me, that’s Bam Margera).
I dare you to rock it, too!

jacket: Levi's
pants: old - find similar here
shoes: Converse


combat baby


This is, by far, the easiest look to pull off. I love simplicity, and sometimes that’s all you need (we girls are complicated enough apparently, according to the hubs). It’s like I woke up and got dressed in the dark with my eyes closed! If you’re not sure about color coordination, this look is even easy on the colorblind. Nothing works better than black and grey, even if you accessorize with more black along the way, like this backpack. My combat boots really reflect how hood I am, and the cozy sweater protects me against these ungodly Canadian temperatures. You can even venture towards navy, because navy & black together is the ultimate 90s rebellion. I dare you!

sweater: c/o Ardene
leggings: c/o Ardene
bag: Aldo
boots: c/o Palladium

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